Convective Outlook for Europe 23-05-2017

For Germany, a Cold Front moves in from the West which will cause a upper trough across the Center and West of the country, bring a chance of storms occurring after mid day. Some of these have

The potential to go DTA Warned later on in the day that could cause some Localized flooding in some places with Straight Line winds along with it. There is some Bulk Shear and Deep Layer Shear around so you could see some Mid-Level Mesocyclones form within
these storms.

Italy and Central Europe has been given a Marginal for 2 Upper troughs forming in 2 different Locations, one forms on the Croatian Coast, the other to the North in Poland behind another Cold Front. These storms could potentially kick off early and go severe in the late afternoon, These do bring a risk of Localized flooding within them with the possibility of High Lightning totals in some places with the potential to bring Straight Line winds, And/Or Hail.

Sean o’hare  Meteorologist UK

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