Outlook 30-5-2017 Warnings Europe

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Outlook 30-5-2017 vor Europe

Tomorrow is a very active day for many parts of Europe with a Marginal Issued for most and Slight issued for Germany, Czech and Poland.
A slight has been issued for very high values of cape, over 3,000 j/kg along the Cold Front that extends from Germany into Southern France which could bring a chance of Excessive Precipitation.

We expect these storms to initiate early and have a good chance of becoming severe by mid afternoon as a upper trough pushes along the front into Central Germany.

In the North of Germany and Poland there are a low chance for supercells to form within low DLS, Bulk Shear at 20-30kts and 0-6km Shear at 30-40kts which could have a chance to spawn Funnel Clouds and brings an isolated Tornado risk.

Hail risk is within the blue lines ad represents a good chance for Powerful Updrafts to form and produce Moderate size hail, with the possibility of some good Accumulations.
Within the Marginal areas there is a chance for severe thunderstorms to develop with SBCAPE levels over 1,000 j/kg along the Cold Front, within these cells brings the chance of excessive precipitation with a low chance of Hail for all areas! the Main threats are High Precipitation, Straight Line Winds And/Or Hail!


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