Warnings for Europe Convective Outlook 02-06-2017

Aktualisiert am : by Marie Vosmik

Tomorrow is a Marginal day for many parts of Europe.

As a cold front pushes in from the North Atlantic, 2 upper troughs forms ahead of it, one situated over East Anglia, England, the other expanding from North East France, into North Germany.

SBCAPE values mostly range from 1,000-1,500 j/kg with a spike of 2,000 j/kg and in the Mixed Layer CAPE values range from 700-1,5000 j/kg primarily to the East.

Storms have the potential to initiate early as the Front pushes in, but storms will be more severe in the mid afternoon to evening. There is a risk of localized flooding to the North and East of France. For the UK the thunderstorms are going to be hit and miss and have the potential for moderate lightning.

Another upper trough forms ahead of a stationary front over Romania and extends over to Croatia. The most intense thunderstorms as SBCAPE vales are over 2,000 j/kg, Dew Points 17C and the potential for Potent updrafts to form and drop moderately sized hail with these storms with high lightning totals possible. The rest of the Marginal area can experience Severe thunderstorms mid afternoon, bringing high lightning totals, Gust Front formations and/or

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