Warnings for Europe Convective Outlook 19-6-2017

Two marginal areas tomorrow, Spain and Turkey along with a widespread thunderstorm risk for many parts of the east tomorrow along with a TSM Being issued for the Midlands in the UK and South Ireland. Spain has a marginal chance of severe thunderstorms in the afternoon. 

Spain has been issues a marginal for severe thunderstorm development mid to late afternoon. With SBCAPE values around 700 j/kg in the center and a weakening CAP in the afternoon over the area we have covered.

Although SBCAPE values exceed 2,000 j/kg in North Spain, North West and East Spain while large areas are 1,000-1,000 j/kg, With High pressure dominant and dry air aloft it is unlikely any initiation can take place. Hail is a threat within these storms as updrafts to have the potential to suspend in the upper atmosphere and they could bring a risk of moderate to high lightning totals.

Turkey has been issued a Marginal for the chance of high precipitation thunderstorms through out the day that could bring a risk of localized flooding with PWAT Values around 1.25". these storms will also have a threat of moderate to high lightning totals, straight line winds and/or Hail.

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