Warnings for Europe Convective Outlook 25-6-2017

2 Marginals have been issued for North Spain and Central Europe with a Level 1 Tornado threat extending from North West Italy to South West Hungary and a Level 2 Tornado threat issued for Slovenia. 

2 Upper troughs form over central Europe in the afternoon, one situated over Slovenia and the other over Hungary into Poland. SBCAPE values range widely in the Marginal areas from 1,000-2,000 j/kg with a spike of 3,000 j/kg over North/North East Italy and Slovenia. Dew points values range from 17-20C and expected initiation early to mid afternoon. A level 3 hail threat has been issued for any storms that do develop within the marginal area as updraft speeds look potent and could drop some moderate sized hail and maybe some accumulations. There will be a tornado threat within the storms that develop in the red lines and a extra threat over Slovenia as SRH values are at 250-300m2s2 and 0-1km shear 15-20kts. Funnel clouds will be plausible for most parts of the marginal area.

Another 2 upper troughs form over Spain and Portugal as a low forms over the Majorca, SBCAPE values are low in the middle regions at 7,50j/kg with spikes of over 1,000-2,000 j/kg in the marginal area. Storms could initiate early but the severest are more likely in the evening, there is a level 3 hail threat with any storms that develop in the marginal area as potent updrafts have the potential of forming which could drop moderate to large hail and some accumulations forming. Supercells are plausible in the area with DLS (Deep Layer Shear) at 20-30kts and 0-6km Shear at 30kts. 

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